The Lakers overcame Nikola Jokic’s fouls and the Nuggets rolled in the fourth quarter to win the NBA Finals.

On the seventh anniversary of The Nice Guys, I want to mention one of the funniest characters in movie history: Ryan Gosling’s Dutch March.
“All right. finished Put a spoon in my… – Don’t put a fork in me. “

That’s what it takes to propel the Los Angeles Lakers through the trade deadline for the conference finals. I’m done pretending that everything is fine. They are cooked. I think there’s a reason the Denver Nuggets are the best seed in the West!?

In fact, the whole Nice Guys scene is a microcosm of what the Nuggets did to the Lakers in this series, expanding to a 3-0 lead that remains elusive in NBA history. Namely, Russell Crowe’s Jack Healy is a “courier” where you play “GET UP UNLES YOU’RE ME” and beat the hell out of Gosling’s house.

Holland March (Lakers) tries to accelerate and we hear great noises of happiness after Healy (Da Nuggets) announces to him that he will fracture his radius and goes to punish him.
Ok wow, you’re taking the example too far, especially for videos that are “age restricted” and want to go to YouTube to see the whole thing.
OK so. real game. Jamal Murray scored 23 points in the final quarter of Game 2, but picked up where he left off with 17 points in Game 1 of Game 3. Denver took another early lead (up to 14 points) and the Lakers have made the all-time playoffs. . . Adding insult to injury in Los Angeles’ loss was the fact that Nikola Jokic called four fouls midway through the third quarter!! I had a dark night… For those who refuse to drop the Lakers/umpire favoritism conspiracy theory, here’s more cannon fodder.

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