Exploring Kendrick Lamar’s Latest: ‘Not Like Us’ Video and West Coast Pride

Kendrick Lamar has once again asserted his dominance with the release of the highly anticipated music video for “Not Like Us,” marking a triumphant celebration of West Coast culture. Directed by Lamar himself alongside Dave Free, the video serves not only as a visual spectacle but also as a pointed nod in the ongoing saga between Lamar and Drake.

Filmed against the gritty backdrop of Compton, Lamar’s hometown, the video opens with an unmistakable homage to his roots. Tommy the Clown, an iconic figure in LA street dance, sets the stage as Lamar enters a metallic room, setting the tone for what unfolds. From symbolic push-ups on cinder blocks—a clever response to Drake’s track “Push Ups“—to playfully hitting an owl piñata (a cheeky reference to Drake’s OVO owl), Lamar weaves subtle jabs amidst a celebration of his own.

Central to the video’s narrative is Lamar’s family, prominently featuring his fiancée Whitney Alford and their children. Their joyful presence serves as a personal rebuttal to Drake’s earlier lyrical jabs, notably in “Family Matters,” where Drake touched on personal aspects of Lamar’s life. The inclusion of Alford and their children dancing in their living room not only adds a familial warmth but also underscores Lamar’s commitment to authenticity and personal narrative in his art.

“Not Like Us” emerges as a crowning achievement in Lamar’s career, particularly in the context of his recent performance at “The Pop Out” concert in Los Angeles. This event, held on June 19th, saw Lamar command the stage alongside a stellar lineup of West Coast legends including Dr. Dre, YG, Tyler the Creator, and Schoolboy Q. The concert not only solidified Lamar’s status as a hometown hero but also underscored his influence and relevance in today’s music landscape.

The song itself has resonated deeply with audiences, catapulting to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and positioning itself as a frontrunner for the Song of Summer. Its success marks a definitive moment in the ongoing rivalry between Lamar and Drake, with “Not Like Us” emerging as a standout track amidst their lyrical sparring. Lamar’s strategic performances and the cinematic quality of the music video serve as a testament to his artistry and his ability to captivate audiences with both substance and style.

As Lamar takes his victory lap with “Not Like Us,” he not only celebrates his own achievements but also pays homage to the vibrant culture of the West Coast that has shaped his identity as an artist. With its blend of lyrical prowess and visual storytelling, the video stands as a testament to Lamar’s continued evolution and influence in hip-hop.


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